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Mission Objective: To connect you with creatively passionate New Yorkers and lively New York Visitors who would like to share their recent photos and videos shot at hundreds of well-known landmarks in New York City with you.

Welcome to’s 'Fashion Avenue' campaign!

Good News for New Yorkers! You are at the epicenter of attraction on a world famous lifestyle website: We have initiated a “Fashion Avenue” campaign with the hashtag
#FashionAvenue to spotlight New Yorkers on our website. Start shooting more photos in New York City or next to well-known New City Landmarks and start sharing them with millions of members from around the world to make this campaign a great success!

You are a New York City ambassador. Naturally, you have the fascination and passion for creativity. You notice every bit of what is happening in New York City. Now, this website provides for you a special platform to tweet or share photos of New York’s Special Events, Fashion, Art, Design, Shows, Dance, Play, Concerts, Theaters, Colleges, Protests, Galleries, Museums and International Visitors. Grab the moment, shoot a star in a photo – which is most likely you, and post it to create a “Wow” moment for millions of members.

With this electrifying and exhilarating “Fashion Avenue” campaign along with the hashtag #FashionAvenue, New Yorkers are spotlighted rather than New York City. This is campaign about those living in New York City and those who are visiting or have visited New York City. This is a campaign for those who LOVE New York City. Your lifestyle is one of a kind.

New York is the epicenter of Creativity in the world. Are you an epicenter of the creative force in New York City? Yes. You are! As a New York resident, you strive to make New York City even more dynamic, vibrant and lively place on earth everyday. Therefore, everyone loves New York City.

Contrary to this fact…

Who knows about your

  • New York Lifestyle?
  • Photography skills?
  • Design and Art Creations?
  • Latest designer Dress and stylish Cloths?
  • Singing and Dancing Talents?
  • Music and Theatrical Skills? and more...

Your every activity in New York City needs attention and instant broadcasting. Millions of lifestylers living outside New York City would like to know what's happening in the City today.

It’s time to document your every event happening in New York City! This includes but not limited to New York’s Special Events, Fashion, Art, Design, Fashion Shows, Beauty, Modeling, Photography, Dances, Plays, Concerts,  Theaters, Colleges, Protests, Art Galleries, Museums and International Visitors. It's instant, easy and simple to reach more lifestylers on by using user friendly social media tools.

#FashionAvenue is a campaign for New Yorkers where you can share your creative thoughts and ideas. It’s a campaign to celebrate a new and exhilerating lifestyle. It’s a campaign to be appreciated and endorsed by millions. Let everyone cherish and appreciate your creative dynamism that makes New York the liveliest place on earth. Experience a MASTERPIECE OF SOCIAL MEDIA on internet for creative people like you and begin your creative journey.

This electrifying and exhilarating “Fashion Avenue” campaign is a great opportunity for New Yorkers to go international independently. New Yorkers can now share their photos, videos and media instantly on It’s a world famous name and powerful and impressive platform to make your journey even more invigorating, thrilling and revitalizing. In your journey through this campaign, you will connect with more interesting and creative people who have the same mindset like you. Broadcast instantly what you shoot in New York City.

Join a “Fashion Avenue” campaign today!

Celebrate a New Lifestyle!


How to participate in a campaign…

  • Go to the hashtag #FashionAvenue
  • Share Photos, Videos and Stories
  • Voice Your Opinion
  • Experience the magic of New York City and New Yorkers
The is a sophisticated Social Media Platform that will connect you with millions of creative friends who have the complementary skills in their respective fields that are unique, exceptional and outstanding. Their brilliance and excellence are supposed to bring new hopes, colors and creative elements in your lifestyle.
Share Photos, Videos, Blogs, Interviews & more...
  • Share Stylish New York City Photos
  • Share New York City Event Photos
  • Share Fashionable New York City Friends' Photos
  • Share New York City Street Fashion Photos
  • Share Your Experience being a New Yorker.
  • Show Your True New York Spirit!
  • Think creatively
  • Go to the next level of creativity
  • Create original content
  • Share creative content
  • Connect with truly creative friends

Zoom into the intriguing details of the extraordinary creativity bestowed to your new friends on You will find an amazing transformation that it can bring in your lifestyle and make your lifestyle even more fashionable That’s exactly what you can expect by participating in this motivating and inspiring campaign and interacting with creative members on

We welcome you to participate in the #FashionAvenue campaign and share your stylish photos in New York City that cover all famous places, streets, museums, theaters, shows, festivals and monuments to inspire the entire world to visit "Your New York City." Voice your opinion on “Fashion Avenue” campaign and inspire even more people on the internet. Spread your words on this beautiful campaign with your friends and family members and share even more stylish photos with them.

You only need the right mix of creative friends with unique skills to make your life more fashionable. You will find these creative friends with right mix of creative talents here on!

Sign Up and get started now!

Good Luck and Best Wishes from,

A Creative Team, Inc.




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