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Campaign Name: Fashion Avenue
Hashtag: #FashionAvenue
Action Required: Share Photos, Videos & Stories
Target Audiences: Shops, Boutiques and Outlets
Mission Objective: To rename the busiest and vibrant Main Streets or Shopping Districts in every city and town in the world to “Fashion Avenue” name and connect you with those unique but unknown shops, boutiques and other shopping outlets that are selling beautiful, stunning and striking merchandise at local level that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Dear Shop Owners,

Welcome to’s #FashionAvenue campaign!

Here is an opportunity for local shops and shopping outlets in every country to go global at the click of a mouse button. A "Fashion Avenue" campaign under the hashtag #FashionAvenue is to rename the busiest and vibrant main streets or shopping districts in every single city and town in the world and replace those street names by “Fashion Avenue” name - a well-known name that can attract 1,000s of more potential customers to their shops.

In other words, the “Fashion Avenue” campaign promotes unknown shops, boutiques and shopping outlets in your city towards the next level so that they can sell their beautiful, stunning and striking merchandise that is typically not seen and touched by most people in the world, but rather to a very large number of new potential buyers worldwide.

This campaign promote sellers in every country who are selling the high quality lifestyle merchandise in order to make them the epicenter of attraction, which is not only at the local level but also at the national and international level so that they can easily reach more potential customers and possibly increase their sales. This, in turn, would promote the local manufacturers, designers, artists, craftsmen and artisans who create and produce high-grade quality or luxury merchandise which are unknown to rest of the world. It is a great task of presenting them and their creative work professionally to millions of new people and spotlight their amazing creative work and production to the new potential buyers in the entire world.

If you are a seller and selling unique and amazing lifestyle merchandise at the local level, then please share photos, videos and stories of your merchandise at the hashtag #FashionAvenue on to let our members know about what you have in your shops today. Our members are always curious to learn more about new merchandise - luxury items, fashion designs, accessories, jewelry design, art, crafts, furniture, antiques, home decor, furniture and gift items from different countries. The high quality photos, videos and stories of your merchandise that you are selling in your shops or shopping outlets with the links to your websites are more than plentiful to trigger a special interest among most of the members on

If you know about any shops or shopping outlets in your city or town in your country, who are selling the world-class merchandise in their local shops, then share your favorite merchandise or design photos, videos and stories under the hashtag #FashionAvenue on website. Our members would like to see your favorite merchandise and they would even share those photos with their friends and followers. New merchandise, luxury items, designs, accessories, art, crafts, merchandise, gifts, home décor, furniture and those who created them can easily be promoted under the hashtag #FashionAvenue.

Photos, Videos and Stories posted under the #FashionAvenue hashtag are seen and reviewed by not only the local potential buyers but also national and international potential buyers. This campaign opens up opportunities for the local shops and shopping outlets to national and international potential buyers that may be interested in potential investments that can boost prestige. Our system that runs automatically detects the geographical locations anywhere in the world and display your photos, videos and stories for the local people who would be your potential buyers. Therefore, #FashionAvenue campaign is diligently designed to promote millions of local sellers of high quality merchandise worldwide and possibly increase their sales to the next level.

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How to participate in a #FashionAvenue campaign…

  • Enter the hashtag #FashionAvenue
  • Share Photos, Videos and Stories
  • Publish your Interviews
  • Voice Your Opinion
  • Experience the magic of the name "Fashion Avenue"
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  • Share Photos, Videos and Stories
  • Voice Your Opinion
  • Publish Your Intrviews
  • Experience the power of
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  • Create original content
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  • Connect with truly creative friends

Zoom into the intriguing details of the extraordinary creativity bestowed to your new friends on You will find an amazing transformation that it can bring in your lifestyle and make your lifestyle even more fashionable That’s exactly what you can expect by participating in this motivating and inspiring campaign and interacting with creative members on

We welcome local shops and shopping outlets in every country to participate in a "Fashion Avenue" campaign at the hashtag #FashionAvenue and share photos, videos and stories of the latest merchandise, luxury items, fashion designs, accessories, art, crafts, home decor, antiques and gift items on Voice your opinion on “Fashion Avenue” campaign and inspire even more people on the internet. Spread your words on this campaign with your friends and family members and share the photos, videos and stories about the latest merchandise with them.

You only need the right mix of creative friends with unique skills to make your life even more fashionable. You will find these creative friends with right mix of creative talents here on!

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