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Creative People are gifted with
the art to harness the infinite

Force and Energy from the universe
that was once upon a time
created from a Point of Nothingness.

Welcome to - a Social Network to connect you with new friends and fans.

We believe that... 
- Your ideas are great
- Your creativity is priceless

- Your imagination skills are rare
- Your thoughts are one-of-a-kind
- Your artistic creativity is amazing
- Your socializing skills are incredible
- Your originality is beyong an imagination

- Your passion to accomplish goals is unbeatable
- Your actions are inventive, ingenious and resourceful
- Therefore, we want you to be a member on

(1) What is

  • It is created for the creative individuals and businesses
  • It connects you with your desired creative groups
  • Helps you to build your brand or identity on internet
  • Promotes your unlimited discretionary creative potential
  • Connects you with top industry leaders and well-known people
  • Connects you with new friends and fans for the well defined purpose
  • Promotes creativity, imaginations, originality, inventiveness & ingenuity
  • It offers a powerful purpose and direction driven socializing system
  • Facilitates you to share you new ideas, thoughts and imaginations
  • Helps you to rate the creativity of your friends and other professionals
  • It is the epicenter of creativity for inspired people on internet
  • It is a website for the collective collaboration

(2) What is the philosophy of

  • To welcome inspired and resourceful individuals for the socializing
  • To become a source of an inspiration to individuals like you
  • To make you to feel different, seek different and think different
  • To connect unique individuals with others with complimentary skills
  • To promote creativity, imaginations, inventiveness and ingenuity

(3) Who are the members on

  • Individuals who share creative, innovative and imaginative ideas
  • Everyone who promote creativity, imaginations & ingenuity
  • Industry innovators who share innovative aspects of their industries
  • Professionals in arts, designs, finecrafts, humanity and social sciences
  • Professionals in the fields of architecture and interior design
  • Professionals in the fields of science and technology
  • Students from schools, colleges and universities
  • Bloggers who writes on diverse creative topics
  • Those who share their creative, shopping and social projects
  • Creative executives who run well-known organizations
  • CEOs and VCs who are looking for unique and rare talents
  • Recruiters looking for original, inventive and resourceful Individuals
  • Teachers, mentors and professors who wish to share their knowledge
  • Bloggers, Writers and journalists who promote their creative works

(4) How is different from other Social Media Network sites?

  • 18 + years in making - technologically most advanced social media
  • It's a world famous lifestyle name on internet that everyone loves
  • It connects you with the creative people from over 200 countries
  • It's created for inspired and imaginative people to share new ideas
  • It promotes your Creativity, Innovations and Imaginations
  • It's Creative Socializing system is a purpose and direction driven
  • Uses three basic elements - Attention, Intention and Awareness
  • Offer tools to screen inspired members from spammers
  • It connects you with bloggers, professionals, mentors and entrepreuners
  • It connects you with recruiters who are looking for unique talents

      Special Features...
     #1: Creative Projects - Use advanced tools to share Creative Projects
     #2: Shopping Projects - Use advanced tools to share Shopping Projects
     #3: Social Projects - Use advanced tools to share Social Projects

(5) How would I promote my Creative and Innovative talents?

We provide powerful tools to...

  • Write and publish your original ideas, thoughts and imaginations
  • Use appropriate hashtags or keyword to prmote your ideas
  • Share your Creative, Shopping and Social Projects
  • Take interviews and share them with new friends
  • Connect you with resourceful professionals with complimentary skills
  • Present your inspired projects and profile to target audiences
  • Upload and publish your resume for potential recruiters
  • Share blogs, photos, videos and audio of your creative work
  • Connect you with CEOs, VCs and Entrepreuners
  • Build your new powerful creative teams for your new projects
  • Collborate with diverse groups with unique creative skills
  • Connect with more people

(6) What are the benefits of using

You will...

  • Feel priviledged to be a member of world's #1 Lifestyle name
  • Connect with inventive, imaginative and resourceful members
  • Promote creativity, imagination, originality, inventiveness & ingenuity
  • Present Creative Projects, Shopping Projects and Social Projects
  • Invite your friends and share your original work to them
  • Use the most powerful Creative Socializing tools to connect with pros
  • Let professionals review your original projects and productions
  • Broadcast messages on accomplishments to your targeted audiences
  • Socialize by using Creative Socializing - a unique socializing feature
  • Be able to use a purpose and direction driven socializing system
  • Collaborate your projects with other members
  • Find professionals, Entrepreneurs & share your unique skills & talents
  • Find CEOs, VCs & Recruiters looking for your unique skills & talents
  • Find Corporations & Businesses looking for your unique skills & talents
  • Go through a unique experience of networking with recruiters
  • Think different while networking with highly literate members
  • Experience all your senses triggered by inspired activities
  • Use your discretionary energy to accomplish your goals
  • Use the latest tools & technologies to share the latest creationsite Map


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