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Dear Creative Professionals,

FashionAvenue.com is the world’s largest social media network for creative people, where passionate people can share their photos, videos and interesting stories with equally or even more passionate and lifestyle - obsessed friends and fans on the internet. Therefore, our doors are open to all candidates who would like to contribute their creativity to the success of FashionAvenue.com in its day-to-day operations.

At FashionAvenue.com, you will find culture that is perfectly amicable to express your creative skills, talents and hidden potentials that can enable you to move one step forward in your dream career. It’s a social media site about lifestyle of creative people at the bottom of a pyramid to all the way to millions of successful professionals at their pinnacle of a success. You are free to challenge and experiment with human interactive solutions that would bring more creative people together for a great cause. You have freedom to articulate your ideas and imaginations with top executives and create a new human society that no one has imagined before.

Our team consists of creative, innovative and ingenious staff members who are constantly looking for creative solutions to meaningful engagements among like-minded members on our site that would produce a wave of new ways to communicate and collaborate using new technologies and techniques. Every team member has the freedom to express their opinions on improving the way members on our site communicate more effectively in order to generate exhilaration and excitement among them while interacting with each other. Also, a team member has freedom to find new solutions to present the meaningful content in a professional way that is more appealing to mass audiences.

We welcome professionals in the field of marketing, finance, management, design, art, graphics, fashion, internet, data analysis, advertising, human resources, customer service and more. If you feel that your skillset falls into one of the creative fields mentioned above, then feel free to drop your resume to our mailing address and become a part of our growing team of experts who can bring a next wave of success to FashionAvenue.com and make it a world class platform for creative people who can interact with each other and share their ideas, imaginations and thoughts.

We are in search of professionals whose curiosity to learn and produce fine-tuned results is unparalleled. We are in search of creative perfectionists whose creativity to find the new solutions to interactivity among members is world-class. We are in search of all those who want to prove that they are the “cream of the crop” in the world of creativity. If you think that you can solve the challenging problems in the human behavior and create a new wave of social media, then join our team and demonstrate and test your ability at this world-class organization.

We will also welcome researchers and interns who are looking for opportunities to work at FashionAvenue.com. We want them to do research on how effectively humans may interact with other humans in an amicable environment and find the solutions to their problems. All teachers, professors and teaching staff in the creative fields are more than welcome to contact FashionAvenue.com to make their students study the dynamics of how human society works and how a wave of revolutions can be brought about through the onset of creative socializing.


Human Resources
FashionAvenue.com, Inc.
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