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Advertising Agreement

Advertising Agreement Between FashionAvenue.Com, Inc.  and The Advertiser. Effective Date: July 1, 2018

 Welcome to FashionAvenue.com’s Advertising Policy Center!

This ADVERTISING AGREEMENT is between FashionAvenue.com, Inc., from a Connecticut, USA based corporation with its principal office at 163 South Street #52, Danbury, CT 06810, USA, hereinafter referred to as "FashionAvenue.com, Inc." and you a business entity - hereinafter referred to as "The Advertiser". 

FashionAvenue.com, Inc. advertising terms and any applicable insertion order (“IO”) are collectively referred to as the "Advertising Agreement” and govern the advertiser’s participation in FashionAvenue.com, Inc.’s advertising program(s). As applicable, any insertion orders or service agreements executed between the parties and/or Advertiser’s online management of any advertising campaigns on the FashionAvenue.com website.

FashionAvenue.com, Inc. is the owner of a social media networking website addressed as www.FashionAvenue.com on the Internet and offers a program hereafter referred to as the “Advertising Program.” The advertiser is offered the advertising banner space to promote their merchandise or services under one of our advertising programs with terms set in this agreement.

The advertisers agree to pay the associated cost in order to participate in our advertising program for the requested number of actual visitors. This advertising agreement sets conditions for the advertiser to receive predetermined number of “actual visitors” (CTR) to advertiser’s chosen website’s landing page. The advertiser makes the full payment in advance for the fixed number of visitors.  Our advertising agreement, general user agreement, privacy policy, insertion order and terms in our offers constitute our advertising policies.

The advertiser as a party to this agreement, in consideration of the mutual covenants and stipulations, set out herein, agree as follows:

Section 1: Ad Creative

(a)    Your ad creative (Banner Design) is subject to approval
(b)    The advertiser is required to own copyrights of the content in an ad creative
(c)    Your ad creative must be an original work of art to run the advertising campaign
(d)    The advertiser will mention the specific ad creative sizes while placing orders
(e)    Only 20% of the total space in ad creative is allowed for logos and letters
(f)     Use high quality photos of the latest design or merchandise and company logo
(g)    Ensure the high quality of ad creative to present the merchandise or services
(h)    Submit your ad creative seven days before the official ad campaign begins
(i)     Use visuals & messages in ad creative that are appropriate for all audiences
(j)     Only .jpg file format allowed for your ad creative (Video not allowed)
(k)    The use of rotations and .gif or flash files are not allowed
(l)     Once the ad campaign begins, change of the ad creative requires seven days
(m)   The advertiser is responsible for any trade marks used in the ad creative
(n)    Ad creative must comply with our user terms and advertising agreement

Section 2: Landing Page

(a)   A landing page is subject to approval
(b)   A landing page content must be consistent with your ad campaign theme

(c)   The content on the landing page must be appropriate for all audiences
(d)   Outgoing links from a landing page must have appropriate content
(e)   A landing page must have the high quality content
(f)    A landing page must have clarity and purpose of your ad message
(g)   A landing page must have high quality presentation of your products
(h)   A landing page terms and privacy policy is solely governed by the advertiser
(i)    Your landing page must comply with our user terms and advertising agreement

Section 3: General Ad Campaigns

(a)   All ad campaigns except "Launch Pad" campaigns falls under this category
(b)   The advertisers are responsible for processing payments from customers
(c)   The advertisers are responsible for choosing themes for their ad campaigns
(d)   The advertisers choose their graphic designers and respective agencies

(f)   The advertisers provide ad creative that is of the highest quality
(g)   The advertisers provide us with a landing page URL to direct visitors
(h)   The advertisers are responsible for the customer service to visitors
(i)    The advertisers are responsible to visitors requests or complaints
(j)   The advertisers are legally liable for selling their merchandise or services
(k)   The advertisers must have a transparent return policy on their sites
(l)   The advertisers are responsible for the merchandise recall logistics

(m)    The advertisers governs their own user terms, privacy policy & cookie policy
(m)    The ad campaigns start on a predetermined date and time
(o)   The ad campaigns end upon reaching a predetermined number of visitors
(p)    The advertisers are required to make the full payments before the ad campaigns begins

Section 4: Special Ad Campaigns (Launch Pad)

(a)   A launch-pad ad campaigns are limited to FLASH SALE
(b)   The advertisers are responsible for processing payments
(b)   The advertisers are responsible to strategize on maximizing ROI in shortest time
(c)   The advertisers require three months or more to plan this ad campaign
(d)   The advertisers are responsible for setting logistics to sell their merchandise
(e)   The advertisers directly accept payments from their potential customers
(f)    The advertisers are responsible for returns and all liabilities arising from sale

(g)   The advertisers are responsible to disputes arising out of the sale
(h)   Items for sale must be EXCLUSIVE Designs to be sold through this campaign
(i)    The time period is from minimum 3 hours to maximum 10 hours

(j)    The advertisers must have enough inventory to meet the planned sale
(k)   The advertisers must have a logistic in place to ship the merchandise in time
(l)    The advertisers set a date and time for the launch-pad event on our site
(m)  The advertisers are responsible for merchandise recall logistics
(n)   The landing page must be operational through out the special ad campaign
(o)   The advertiser make minimum payment before a special ad campaign begins

Section 5: Payments

(a)   The full payment is required before the ad campaign begins
(b)   The advertisers determine the exact number of visitors to their website

(c)   The advertiser is responsible to pay Cost Per Click as per the INVOICE
(d)   Total Ad Cost: Multiply number of visitors you desire by cost per click (CPC)
(e)   The payment in full is required before the ad campaign begins

(f)    The advertiser receive the exact number of visitors for which fees is paid
(g)   Advertisers will make the advertising payments in US currency
(h)   Credit Card Payments: American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover Card
(i)    Check Payment: Payable to FashionAvenue.com, Inc. USA
(j)    Payment Address: 163 South St #52, Danbury, CT 06810 USA

(k)   The ad campaign will continue until preset number of visitors are delivered
(l)    Advertising fee (CPC) does not include the applicable sales tax
(m)   All advertising sales are final

Section 6: Our Responsibilities

(a)    FashionAvenue.com will run your ad campaigns until all committed number of visitors are delivered

(b)    Potential customers will be directed to a landing page on your site chosen by you

(c)    FashionAvenue.com will provide the advertisers with a secured page to monitor your ad campaign

(d)    The advertisers will review the statistics of visitors to their respective sites in real time

(e)     FashionAvenue.com offers no guarantee for sales or profitability to the advertisers through the ad campaign

(f)    FashionAvenue.com will stop or interrupt the ad campaigns if unrelated content is found on your landing page

(g)    FashionAvenue.com will stop or interrupt the ad campaigns if your ad creative/message is found to be controversial

(h)     FashionAvenue.com will stop or interrupt the ad campaigns if your merchandise is illegal to sell as per the law

(i)    The advertisers will run the ad campaigns in a way that would not harm FashionAvenue.com or its employees

Section 7: Access of Rights

The advertisers grant FashionAvenue.com a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to…

(a)   Use, copy, adapt, reformat, recompile an ad creative to fit into the advertising space on our site

(b)   Access, index, cache and display the ad creative on our site

(c)   Create and display copies of the text, images, graphics, audio or video

(d)   Distribute your ad creative through FashionAvenue.com Advertising Network

(e)   The advertisers' password(s) related to account(s), cannot not be used by, nor made available to, any third party, except authorized users

(f)    The advertisers agree to promptly notify FashionAvenue.com in writing if you become aware of a potential breach of security relating to your account(s) with us, such as the unauthorized disclosure or use of your username or password.

(g)   Authorized users at the advertisers end must comply with the Agreement

Section 8: Representations and Warranties

The Advertiser represents and warrants that the use of our advertising program is solely for the lawful business purposes…

(a)    The advertisers will not advertise anything illegal or engage in unrelated businesses

(b)    The advertisers will not Advertise any illegal or fraudulent practices

(c)    The advertisers grant us publishing and use rights of your ad material for publication on our site

(d)    The advertisers will ensure that the information provided by you is complete, correct and current to your knowledge

(e)    The advertisers will not encourage the violation of any applicable laws and regulations by respective governments

(f)     The advertisers will not violate code of conduct or third party rights

(g)    The advertisers agree to accept the statistical records of actual clicks recorded in real time

FashionAvenue.com, Inc. Advertising Agreement is a part of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


Please Contact:

Advertising Sales

FashionAvenue.com, Inc.
163 South Street #52
Danbury, CT 06810 USA

Time (ET): 9.00 AM to 5:00 PM
Monday to Friday

E-mail Address: advertising@fashionavenue.com



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