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Mission Objective

A giant step to connect the dots of
Human Creativity, Innovations and Ingenuity
through Collective Collaboration,
Wisdom and Intelligence,
in order to empower 
Millennial Shoppers and Creative Thinkers
like you
to spread fresh insights on the
Power of Creative Socializing!

FashionAvenue.com is a uniquely positioned Photo Sharing Network for you to harvest unique ideas, thoughts, imaginations and connect you with members of the other creative communities on internet. It appreciates and celebrates the ideas and ingenuity that millenial shoppers and creative thinkers encompass. Members unravel their infinite imaginative forces and energies through the extensive use of three basic elements to nurture their inspired and original skills - Attention, Intention and Awareness to promote their creativity on FashionAvenue.com using its powerful tools.

Share your photos....

1: Showcase your latest Photos, Designs and Projects...
2: Share your unique Ideas, Imaginations and Thoughts...

3: Connect with new Creative Friends and Fans...

Connect with Creative People...
FashionAvenue.com unites imaginative, inspired and resourceful members together through ‘Creative Socializing’ – the most powerful purpose-driven and direction-driven system on the Internet to connect like minded creative people. It’s an innovative way to shape and bring focus to your talents in a special way. This interesting and interactive process brings the consciousness level of everyone involved in association and correlation of members to higher levels, which eventually results into the evolution of brilliant ideas, thoughts, exceptional imaginations and inimitable vision to your new projects that is of unimaginable value. It conveys a realm of limitless dimensions, shapes, forms and vibrant colors. Thus, this website is the digital portal, which is a fountain of inspiration for the entire community on the Internet. It’s a Dazzling and Vibrant Social Media Network Network created for millions of inspired millennial shoppers and creative thinkers like you who are original, innovative and genius in their respective fields.

A Resourceful Socializing System...
Making connections with new creative friends is a interesting feature on this site. It’s designed and developed from over seven years of hard work by a team of creative professionals. It utilizes the principles of Cognitive Science, Neuroscience and Social Science to track the unique behavior of inspired participants on this website. The system has the ability to analyze ‘Why one individual is more imaginative and innovative than others,’ which allows other members to follow the footsteps of the subject under analysis to reach a higher consciousness level in order to achieve their goals and aspirations. This process of connecting millenial shoppers and creative thinkers is diligently designed system. It makes it easy for participants to connect with other imaginative participants who are thinking and imagining at the same consciousness level for a common purpose to produce results that are beyond their wildest imaginations. It triggers collective collaborations, aspirations and thinking among participants and working on special, inimitable and distinctive projects.

A Purpose-driven Socializing System...
‘Creative Socializing’ is the core-strength of FashionAvenue.com by bringing individuals of similar minds together for a common purpose to build communities of their respective interests. It is a purpose-driven socializing system which works by having every member write his/her own ‘Sole Purpose of Life and Career’ as their philosophical statement while joining our website. A well-written personal statement helps participants to follow what they have already scripted and displayed on their cover page. Their sole purpose defines ‘who they are, why they are here on earth, what are their strengths, what is the purpose of their life and what their aspirations are even before they network with other participants. A diligently designed system opens up all avenues of resourceful interactions for members to achieve what they have scripted in their purpose of joining this professional network. It’s a well-defined philosophical statement posted on their cover page even before they make their first connection with other members. It’s a system that considers their every inspired action and optimizes these actions to be utilized for the actual production of new ideas, thoughts and imaginations. A complete process is set to build their personal or business brand.

Projects to promote Creativity...
Millenial Shoppers and Creative Thinkers are free to share their creative ideas with others by using our very powerful social media tools. Creative Projects on this
professional network stands out in the noise of a billion websites on the internet. This is to promote your creativity. They are designed to be Creativity Centric to admire and appreciate the human endeavor in your search for existence and uniqueness everywhere.  Every original work by an individual must be recognized in a artistic and outstanding way possible. Collectively, these projects create a beautiful envionment with the creative people.

We offer special features to promote the creativity...

Creative Projects
Your next Creative Project should be the result of your instinct - something that is outstanding and unique. Your next Project should be a collection of your own unique ideas, thoughts and imaginations that are one of a kind. Upload any projects that you think is creative in nature on this site...

(2) Shopping Projects
Your next Shopping Project should be the result of your shopping instinct - something that is outstanding and unique. Your Shopping Project should be your next shopping trip to your desired shops or the shopping that you have already done. Upload any projects that is related to the shopping.

(3) Social Projects
Your next Social Project should be the result of your community and societal instinct - something that is outstanding and unique. Your community and societal Project should be your next social work that you are planning to accomplish or the one that you have already done. Upload any projects that is related to social work.

Elements to promote your Creativity...
There are three basic elements to nurture and promote your creativity on FashionAvenue.com - Attention, Intention and Awareness. Together, it's the most powerful tool for members on FashionAvenue.com to recognize, nurture and demonstrate their creativity - no matter what field you are from.

(1) Attention - a powerful way to focus on goals
Members use 'Attention' elements to drive their intuitive thinking in an intended direction. There is no distraction in their thought process while interacting with other creative members on FashionAvenue.com. Members use the elements of ‘Attention’ to focus on their core-purpose on FashionAvenue.com through creative socializing.

(2) Intention - a powerful way to transform imaginations
Members use ‘Intention’ elements to transform and materialize their imaginations into a reality. In order to produce directional thoughts, members get detached from unwanted thoughts that distract them. Members focus only on a very small collection of unique thoughts that is required in accomplishing their goals on FashionAvenue.com through creative socializing.

(3) Awareness - a powerful way to awaken consciousness
Members are also privileged to use one more priceless element – Awareness. Members frequently use this inimitable and distinctive element while taking crucial decisions or actions. Awareness balances their train of thoughts to the center and directs their imaginations to produce what they desire. Thus, the entire process of connecting people results into the synchronicity that allows members to think for the right purpose, right direction and the right time for accomplishing their goals.

Story Telling Platform...
Your success story, which is inspired and motivating, is always interesting and exciting for millions of members. It reflects your own expression that is one-of-a-kind. You can make it more interesting and exciting by telling your success stories to your targeted audiences with ease. You have many ways to tell success stories to the entire world and make it viral on the Internet. It’s your exceptional story writing skills on “productions of diverse forms” that make your blogs, interviews, reviews, profile, projects, and resume look even more interesting and attention grabbing to readers. Your story telling techniques makes your expressions to look more powerful and impressive. You can make your success story viral on the Internet through the content-rich blogs, interviews, reviews, profiles, projects, resume, tweets, photos, videos and audios. Promote your innovative, intellectual, social and imaginative skills through story telling on this website. It opens up possibilities to explore new frontiers of challenges and opportunities for you. Thus, your richness of ideas and originality of thinking through extra-ordinary imaginative skills, would make you explore the unexplored and unknown fields  beyond the area of your expertise.

An Outlet for Creative Expressions...
On FashionAvenue.com, you can publish blogs, take interviews and write reviews on subjects such as role-models, designs, shopping, gifts, magazines, books, travel and films. You can also upload your favorite photos, videos and music of your latest work and share them with the members of the community. FashionAvenue.com offers the most advanced tools and technologies to voice your opinions to millions of inspired and imaginative people worldwide. You will also find new methods and techniques to connect with the people you can relate to. Feel free to network with new friends with diverse talents and interests. Leave comments and someone will respond to you. Ask questions and someone will answer you. Post reviews and you will receive compliments for posting them. You will find a vast pool of professional talents with diverse interests and skills, each uniquely different from each other.

A Portal to promote Creativity...
FashionAvenue.com offers tantalizing information on the latest in creative fields. You can find interviews of your best friends, distinguished celebrities, well-known bloggers, top fashion designers, top graphic designers, committed fine-artists, fine-craftsmen, beautiful models, professional photographers, philosophers, teachers, mentors, professors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs, recruiters and people from diverse fields of creativity. You can also enjoy information and reviews on unique forms, shapes and colors – latest gadget designs, fashion designs, vibrant handbags, fine-jewelry and watches, rare antiques, rare handcrafted items, unique gifts and objects. Explore information on luxury lifestyle of the wealthy, tips on beauty, hot celebrity news, dream travel destinations, latest in interior designs, latest in home designs, ideas for home-décor accessories, tips for the latest style and last but not least – everything that teens need to know from the colors of their first prom dress to tips on how to get their special date.

A Platform to feel Beauty, love Beauty & seek Beauty...
FashionAvenue.com is created for you to feel beauty, love beauty, and seek beauty in you, everyone you meet and interact with and every object around you. It teaches you how to appreciate and honor someone's special talents. It encourages your actions tuned to the rhythm of nature. It motivates you to connect to your inner strengths. It empowers you to use three basic elements to become truly inspired leader – Attention, Intention and Awareness.  This website is a place to admire and honor thousands of imaginative, inspired and resourceful people in the past and present whose collective consciousness has brought modernity and vibrant colors in lives of millions of people living on this beautiful planet. Thus, it inspires you to look deep inside you and harness the power of your own inner force and energy that is infinite. It awakens your hidden talents and explores uncharted talents within you. Its design layout, flawless navigation, information rich content, and visuals display is the most vibrant landscape of the imaginative architects of the new world order which will certainly trigger new ideas, thoughts and imaginations in you. It’s thought provoking! It’s inspirational! It’s the most powerful platform on Internet for you!

An opportunity to connect with Industry Leaders...
FashionAvenue.com brings the powers of professionals to your fingertips – you can be what you want to be in the field of creativity. Few years ago, only few were privileged to the benefits of this world famous street in New York City. Today, this beautiful website will make your inspirational work more popular on the Internet. While using the most powerful features on the net, it will make you feel extraordinarily privileged as a inventive and ingenious professional. It will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence in making connections with top industry leaders. Once you're here, you will experience the groundbreaking platform for which you can appeal to the entire vibrant community of the world. It’s the most powerful source of energy that you can feel and be inspired by. It’s the twenty first century method of creating an instant BUZZ about you and your professional skills on the Internet!

Fashion Avenue - a Well-known street name in New York City, USA
FashionAvenue.com is inspired by the street 'Fashion Avenue,' a well-known garment district located on Seventh Avenue in New York City; the world fashion capital. This street in New York City is the epicenter of all positive forces and energies. The creativity is pouring out of this street all the time by dedicated and committed perfectionists working day and night on both sides of the street. Every thread of their life is interwoven by elements of high level creativity. They think, imagine, talk and act respectively in their everyday life. Creativity is their everyday ritual – their day starts with inspired actions and ends with unimaginable evolutions of new ideas, thoughts and imaginations. Thus, ‘Fashion Avenue’ – a well-known street in New York City has been the inspiration to many professionals, students, teachers, mentors, professors, designers, artists, craftsmen, writers, bloggers, journalists, advertisers, models, professional photographers, merchants of luxury goods, celebrities and imaginative individuals like you. These professionals have proved their artistic talents and successfully displayed their work of art through different mediums and demonstrated their fresh unique talents, innovative ideas and presented their creations in a wide spectrum of shapes, forms and vibrant colors in the most unique way. ‘Fashion Avenue,’ a street in New York City, has been standing as an outlet for extraordinary imaginations and energy during the past 100 years. FashionAvenue.com on internet is a name derived from this well-known street in New York City - known for the creators of unique designs everyday.




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