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‘Creative Socializing” – a purpose and direction driven type of socializing that will connect you with most brilliant and brightest individuals on

These new friends would join your functional team since each individual joining your team knows that they lack the creativity or intelligence even in their own field of expertise – you may call it “gaps” or empty spaces” in their field. This is even true in your case too – you are partly deficient in your creativity or intelligence in your field of expertise.

A lack of these things is complimentary – you may lack a part of them that your friends possess. Together, you create a bigger mind. This mind is many times more powerful and impressive. Many people working together cut the negativity of thoughts while they exchange dialogues. Every step during the exchange of expressions, every member shares his or her vision, ideas, thoughts and imaginations on a subject under the discussion. Every time ideas, thoughts and imaginations gets fine-tunes. The final result is unbiased, impartial, dispassionate, unprejudiced and fair. The ego has no place while dialogues are exchanged since all assumptions are suspended well before a group produces the final result.

You have a choice to find selected friends who would promote your ideas, thoughts and imaginations forward. It is expected of you to promote their ideas, thoughts and imaginations forward so that both would exercise an exchange of the complimentary skills and other talents that is required to produce the final result that is unbiased, accurate, impartial, dispassionate, balanced and unprejudiced.

Creative socializing on will connect you with the following groups of people that would give you a purpose and direction for socializing. A quality of members in your functional team depends on how you connect, why you connect, with whom you connect and for what purpose you connect with them makes you smarter and more creative, intelligent and social on this beautiful Website.

Current Friends: You shared your interesting stories and extra-ordinary visions, ideas, thoughts and imaginations with your friends for many years. They also shared their emotions with you. On, you can go further than what you shared – it’s about sharing your creativity, intelligence and social skills. Use these special tools to dig out and explore new special unknown talents that you current friends possess.

Creative Thinkers: Creative thinkers thinks creatively – that’s their everyday ritual. It’s their unstoppable journey to conquer uncharted territories to collect more knowledge. They feel empty all the time and that makes them to dig into more knowledge. Find them on and grab your share of the knowledge from them.

Bloggers: It’s their extreme passion on a subject make them well-known bloggers on the Web. They transcend the traditional way of sharing the knowledge and use blog as their medium to reach millions of readers. They write on subjects from how to wake up in the morning and how to sleep in the night and everything in between. They are masters of their blogging skills and make their message heard through their own blogs. Be a friend with them and learn what they do different that you have never done before and apply their unconventional rules to rule the world on the Web.

Writers: They may be daily journal writers to writers of fiction and non-fiction books and all types of writing in between. They tap their inner powers to awaken a writer sleeping within them. They hear the voice from their within while their pen does its own work. It may be a five-line stanza or a 500 page book – it’s a result of their awaken powers of writing skills make them to write creatively and passionately. Be a friend with them and review their writing skill to learn what is the best that lies beneath their writings for you.

Journalists: They look for unexplored territories of new stories – some carries sorrows and some carries joy and some of them very serious. It’s all part of their everyday life to search for a new story every moment in their profession. You will find them on Be a friend with them and learn the art of searching a new story that would teach you an art of exploring a completely new world just outside your perception and allow to enter into unknown opportunities.

Creative Professionals: You will not find them easily. They would never surface in your sights unless you use your power of attention, intention and awareness to find them. They may be next to you – standing and smiling at you for your lack of creativity and would not say a word. It’s you who would make an effort to find a professional and a genius in them and not vice versa. Once you find them, you will learn what it truly is and what it takes to become a true professional. Once you find even one of them, be friend with them on and find what inspire them everyday when they wake up and go to sleep.

Mentors, Teachers & Professors: You stay half of your time with them during your school and college education time. They shape your characters – how you speak, how you learn and how you share – you learn from your gurus. They strengthen your inner powers by imparting the right knowledge that you require during your early academic time. You need their wisdom and love while studying any subjects under them. They teach you a lesson on how to love everyone and be compassionate. Find your teachers, professors and even new mentors on and make an education your continual process.





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