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Promote Your Creative Intelligence is designed to promote your creativity, imagination, originality, inventiveness and ingenuity - the richness of your ideas, originality of your thinking and visualization power to harness your extraordinary imaginative skills.

Creative socializing – a purpose and direction driven socializing on is an epicenter of all activities on this website. The context thus created will inspire you and your friends for collective collaboration to materialize your desire into achieving goals in your life and career. The context of creativity would help you to socialize with the brightest and brilliant individuals and bring powers in your hands to break the ice to see a new world through the lens of a kaleidoscope. It will bring all colors of the spectrum in your life and career that would help you to see the world that no other person would be able to see.

Your power of ‘attention’ to see and focus on creativity in individuals or any other objects would change forever. Your power of ‘intention’ to see anything that is right with the total clarity would be dramatically enhanced. Your power of the ‘awareness’ to feel, see and seek creativity in the people and also they creations by the universe in every moment will open up all disciplines that you earned through the hard work to achieve your goals.

It’s the combination of very special skills such as ‘attention, intention and awareness’ will transform your characters and personality. It will also make you to reach the pinnacle of achievements. Connect with the most powerful people in the industry and exchange your expressions with them to produce unimaginable results that are indescribable, unspeakable, inexpressible unutterable and beyond words.

Harness the benefits of ‘Creative Socializing’ with members and search the deep meanings of the following rare talents that is within your power to obtain...

Creativity: It’s a state of being unique, original and imaginative. It’s the extraordinary ability of an individual to transcend the traditional forms, shapes and colors and create unique, exceptional, inimitable, distinctive and only one of its kind forms, shapes and colors and see the universe as the source of an inspiration for their personal and career development. Disciplines such as psychology, cognitive science, education, philosophy, technology, theology, sociology, linguistics, business studies and economics have multitude of definitions for the creativity. Experience this uniqueness on – explore and experiments with unknown fields beyond an area of your expertise through the creative socializing.

Innovation: Use of novel or fresh ideas to enhance the value of existing products, processes, services, technologies or ideas. It’s a state of an improvement. It’s a state of the enhancement, augmentation and enrichment. It’s widely used in the business and economics to improve the society and lifestyle. It’s frequently a part of the discussions or debates on subjects such as economics, business, entrepreneurship, design, technology, sociology, and engineering. It adds value to the collective consciousness – collective thoughts and wisdom that are evolved over time by the invaluable contribution of millions of innovative people in the past. Members explores new possibilities on to see their life and career through a creative socializing.

Imagination: It’s a state of being creative, innovative and unique. It’s a stimulation that inspires you to see the world that does not exist but can be a real if materialized through incessant efforts and determination. It’s the ability to create psychic impressions of images and sensations of the creation when they are not perceived through sight, hearing, or other senses. It’s a fundamental sense through which you can see the world before it does exist. It provides the meaning to your new experience or the knowledge. It evokes the world through the collective meaning of word or words used in the description of an object, individual or talent. It’s your innate ability to inventing personal realms within your mind from elements derived from sense perceptions of the shared world. There are infinite opportunites for you to explore on to imagine a new world of creativity for your next projects or assignments.

Originality: It’s a state of being unique, exceptional. and one of a kind. It’s uniquely different from the reproduction of ideas, thoughts and imaginations. It’s a creation that has a touch of the “Aha" moment and “Sensation” since it’s new and inimitable. It posses a unique style, movement and grace. It’s not repeatable and stand the test of its unique creation. It’s an invaluable contribution by creative thinkers, designers, artists, philosophers and many others in creating new society norms that we are privileged today. You can explore and experiment with new friends on and search originality pouring out of them in their works and projects. Become a part of their works and use your collective wisdom to produce unimaginable objects or norms for the society.

Inventiveness: It’s a state of being an explorer, a creator or researcher. It’s an incessant search for an identity as a human and its existence has resulted into an evolution of a modern society. It’s an unstoppable journey in the search of the new knowledge made the human to explore new territories beyond his or her capacity or fields of their expertise. It’s either for the survival or creating a new identity in the society made all of us to make ‘inventiveness’ an ingrained part of our life. The inventiveness brings originality in pursuit of your life or a career. It’s refreshing, stimulating, inspirational, energizing and revitalizing. Socialize with members on and use the power of your inventiveness to find their infinite capacity to create a new world full of wild imaginations.

Ingenuity: It’s a state of being clever, inventive and original. It’s an ingrained quality of an individual that has ability to resolve issues using his or her cleverness, originality and inventiveness and ready to challenge and face any predicaments. The ingenuity works on sparks that people get while facing any issues. It’s a spark of an instinct that emerges from their deep within. A creative instinct reflects an instant solution to a problem in question. The ingenuity is an evolutionary process through the applied science in the human development for centuries. You will find its applications in development of new social organizations, institutions and relationships. Use the power of your ingenuity for new friends, entreprenuers, CEOs, VCs and Recruiters by demonstrating your ability to solve problems through creative means and explore unlimited opportunities.



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