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If you can measure it, only then you can manage it.” You have joined FashionAvenue.com for a well-defined purpose. That well-defined purpose was to promote your creativity, imagination, originality, inventiveness and ingenuity through creative socializing.

You cannot promote your creativity, imagination, originality, inventiveness and ingenuity unless you have ability to measure it. You must have tools and technologies to measure your skills as well as your friends’ skills. FashionAvenue.com provides tools and technologies to rate your friends’ basic talents such as beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations and behaviors. You can also rate their creativity, imagination, originality, inventiveness and ingenuity. Both you as well as your friends have ability to rate each other.

The numbers that you enter to rate your friends – collectively would generate maps of their overall creative talents or intellectual talents. Your rating of your friends got to be as accurate as possible. An average rating of 100 or more members would be close to accurate for taking a final decision on who is the best and who is not. You will be able to view the rating of an individual member or you can use tools to collect even more information about their collective skills.

The statistical information on your friends would help you to take important decisions on who would be the most appropriate member for your next project. Even these tools would help entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs and Recruiters to choose best candidates for their multi-million dollar projects.

Your purpose is to accomplish your goals in life or career. You need friends or partners for your project that has an extra-ordinary ability to advice you as well execute the job that you assign them. As an example – if you are looking for a graphic designer who is well known for creating illustrations. Though, this graphic designer does not have the full perception on how to translate his graphic designing talents into making TV commercials where his art of an illustration can be used. You are looking for friends or partner who has both talents – you can find such talents on FashionAvenue.com.

The statistical information or rating for different skills would put a road map in front of you on who is the best for your job and who is not. A sophisticated and outstanding rating system would give you number on almost all talents of every member. You are free to use this most valuable information that suites you the best.

The creative socializing on FashonAvenue.com is purpose-driven and direction-driven – therefore, you will not lose a track on which you are moving to accomplish your goals. Therefore, FashionAvenue.com offers you tools to “measure.” It is your responsibility to “manage” the creative, intellectual and social skills of your friends.





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