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What is a community? Unless you understand the fundamental reasons to build a community, building a new online community will not be meaningful and reap benefits for you.

Who you are today is a result of someone in your family or in your community who built an actual community with hundreds or thousands of real people in it including your forefathers many thousand years ago. Their extra-ordinary contribution and the contribution of many like them during that time evolved into a very advance and civilized society that we are witnessing today.

Let’s understand how they created communities in olden times. Let’s take an example of Viking community in Norway, Iceland and Greenland. When they migrated 1,000 years ago from Norway to Iceland and Iceland to Greenland, they stayed together and fought together for their survival. All the time, due to the scarcity of foods and other necessities of life, one single individual could not fulfill their daily necessities. Their activities included but not limited to build their houses, stitch clothes, grow crops, catch fishes, keep livestock alive and many other activities. It was impossible for a Viking to survive as a single individual. As an example, in the fierce, violent, violent, ferocious, severe and stern weather conditions of Antarctica, living and surviving alone on Greenland like island was a challenge and almost impossible. Though they survived successfully for many hundred years. It’s was a vibrant, lively, vivacious, exciting and energetic community they built where all members worked together to accomplish one goal at a time to reach a common purpose of their survival.

Yes. Today it’s all about your survival too – with whatever limited capacity and ability you have, you must find a way to survive in this vibrant society. Like your forefathers who successfully built actual communities and not virtual, you have an opportunity to build virtual communities on Internet and translate virtual ideas and values while building online communities to actual communities in the society to serve a common purpose.

Your forefathers had limitations of spreading ideas and values just to local areas and built local communities while you have an extra-ordinary capacity to spread your ideas and values to create a new society at international level at the click of a mouse button.

Your building communities is not about foods and other life necessities – it’s about spreading news ideas thoughts and imaginations to build even a stronger and powerful society so that it can sustain for many thousand years. Therefore, you got to create a "creative community" that would spread your new ideas, thoughts and wild imaginations on the basis of sparks of your own instincts. The cohesiveness of thoughts of every individual member of your online community will help you to build very powerful community of your own on this wonderful Website.

Complimentary skills or “gaps” of the knowledge and expertise in every member will bring and keep all members together for the collective benefits. Think of something big and create the context appropriate for fostering and nurturing the creativity and you will witness that your new community is flourishing and thriving with values.

Build your own new creative communities on and invite your friends to join you and feel pride in contributing your creative excellence in building a new society.





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