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In order to attain the extra-ordinary creativity, you must go beyond the area of your expertise to witness the entire world from a completely unique and different perspective.

The first step would be - express your curiosity to interact with the “unknown forces” and “uncertainties” while going beyond your area of expertise and entering into other people's territories of expertise. You will always find the suspense in the “unknown” and opportunities in “uncertainties." Hidden within the suspense, you will find a light of hope in the middle of the turbulence and unlimited opportunities that you will never find otherwise by staying and sticking to your area of expertise.

You must make an effort to go beyond that "mentally conditioned" circles in your mind and break it open with the force which prevents you to explore something "new" and "exciting" beyong "unknown" and "uncertainties. As example - t
echnocrats entering into the design territories, a completely new unrelated area,  would find amazing shapes, forms and colors. If they look beyond the varied shapes, forms and colors – they will find unlimited possibilities and opportunities to explore a completely new area of designs beyond inventing iPads, iPhones and iPods – an unimagined and exceptionally beautiful world that is full of hopes, vibrancy, effervescence, liveliness, sparkles and enthusiasm.

Unless you step into other people’s territories of the creativity, you will never find path to your own accomplishments in the field of creativity. You always live in duality and therefore you have two choices – (1) Do you want your life and career to be boring, dull, mind-numbing, unexciting and lackluster?
or (2) Do you want your life and career to be interesting, exciting, thrilling, stimulating, electrifying and exhilarating? Choice is yours!

The only solution to your new electrifying life and career is to socialize creatively with members of other communities – communities that have no direct association or connection with your industry or expertise and explore unlimited possibilities. Once you are in - explore the new fields until you find new opportunities. Once you enter into other territories, you will find new people with renewed aspirations, hopes, astuteness, brainpower, creative intelligence and social intelligence.

Creative people are always looking for the context where they can look beyond and find new and innovative solutions to their problems. is using the creative socializing system in order to bring communities with different consciousness and expertise together and systematically merge them into one single consciousness to produce unimaginable results and realities. Use very powerful creative socializing tools on to socialize with smart, creative, innovative and intelligent members of creative communities and refresh your creative abilities and talents to revolutionize the entire world with bliss and prosperity.

There are over 100 creative communities on - they inlcude but not limited to: creative community, blogging community, design community, activists communities and more. It covers almost all subjects of creativity under one roof. Use the most powerful tools to creatively socialize with members of these communities and find your own new identity on





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