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You are free to add links of your own Websites or Blog Sites, Social Network Sites or Twitter Accounts on and thus facilitate creative members to reviews your work of art on creativity. Your link to your other sites would promote your brand identity –either its individual or business identity in a very professional way on the world famous Website.

Always remember - you signed up on to promote your talents and skills - therefore, you must add links of your own sites. If you are an individual member and wants to promote your creative, intellectual and social talents to your new friends, entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs or Recruiters, these links will help all of them to review all your credentials before contacting you or making you a part of their friend circle. It would be even easier for entrepreneurs from different countries to collaborate projects that would collectively benefit you as well as entrepreneurs.

Creative CEOs are always looking for creative buddies to create the context of creativity on Internet as well as at their work place. You may not know but they are always in search of new ideas, thoughts and imaginations for their corporations – you can’t miss opportunities to connect with them. Also, venture capitalists are looking for great new ventures and you may be one of the potential members of their new teams for a billion dollar venture.

You have uploaded the information about you on about your personal profile and creative profile. Recruiters looking for you need even more information about you. Let them find additional information about you on your own Websites or blog sites or social networking sites or micro-blogging sites and make their job even easier.

Your resume and other information about you and your skills is on Internet on different sites - it's the collective information for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs and Recruiters. Let them access all your sites from

Your new friend circle is also interested in you and your creative work and projects as much as you are interested in their work. Make it easy for all of them to find you and find even more information about your work on all other sites where you have posted blogs, resumes, your work of creative art and milestones of your creative activities and accomplishments in your life and career.

If you are a businessman or represent any profit or non-profit organizations then you have unlimited opportunities to connect with extra-ordinary creative and intelligent members on

Add links of your business or organization sites on and drive smart and creative members to your main site. You always have an opportunity to make them a part of your creative teams or hire them for your most lucrative projects. Add your links today and make your page on more vibrant and valuable to all new friends.





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