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Video is a technology to display images in sequence to be presented on a television. It captures, records, processes, stores, transmits and reconstructs full motion of the pictures and text electronically.

Thus, it is the technology of electronically reconstructing sequence of still images representing scenes in full motion. It’s an offshoot of the cinema that was invented for the first time in 1895. A modern digital video is an offshoot of analog video. This technology was first invented and developed for a cathode ray tube back in 1950s. Charles Ginsburg was an inventor who developed a first tape recorder using the analog technology. In 1951, his first tape recorder captured images and text electronically from cameras and converted electrical impulses and saved the information on the magnetic tapes for the display on televisions.

This invention revolutionized the whole world since the cameras and tape recorders recorded events in the history of mankind since then easily and economically. Video recorders were sold at $50,000 during that time – only wealthy could afford to own it. Invention of DVD in 1997 and Blue-ray in 2006 revolutionized the world of video recording, transmitting and displaying from analog recorders and screens to a dital recorder and very small digital screens.

All these inventions have a social impact – the world became more transparent. Even an ordinary citizen with little money can capture a video today on their smart phones and other similar devices and successfully brought their voice heard in the noise.

The recent video technologies have bright images of wars and peace to our living rooms. The ordinary men and women have successfully brought these social changes. All kinds of secrets that were limited to just few privileged have become transparent to every citizen. The activism gained momentum. The creativity flourished through images captured by creative, innovative and genius minds of the world. Distant education has brought the most advance education to doors of even the poorest and underprivileged people of the world.

The latest digital technologies have brought more happiness than sorrows in the lives of millions. The most advance smart phone technologies and Internet technologies have brought billions of people from different part of the world together under the one roof and made them feel like one single family on. Instant transmission of images captured by cameras revolutionized the world of art, designs, music and performing art forever – this is the first time in the human history, the human civilization has witnessed intellects of the human reaching the highest apex.

FashionAvenue.com provides tools and technologies to upload your videos for viewing by the creative members. Upload your videos of your latest creative projects, designs, arts, books, gifts, travels and movies on FashionAvenue.com and create context for the creativity.





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