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You remember every object in your brain by its shapes, forms and colors. As soon as you look at any objects - they resides in your brain as psychic impressions.

There are millions of psychic impressions in your brain - most of them are not appropriate to make you more creative. You must have psychic impressions in your brain that can make you to think creative and smart. In your life time, you store images of numbers, words, friends, family members, flowers, birds, designs, accessories, arts, crafts, movie frames and even any events in your life - they are stored in your brain as psychic impression. You try to recall them at any moment and they appear in a split of seconds.

Your exposure to a very large number of impressions thus make you more smarter and creative since images that you desire at any point of time would popup in your brain and hence one more solution. Using the principles of permutations and combinations of mathematics, you will have the extra-ordinary ability to find solutions to any problems using psychic impressions.

FashionAvenue.com provides the most advanced tools and technologies to store your photo images so that you can view them as offten as you can. You can also share your beautiful images with other members on the site and help them to increase their psychic impressions in their brains and make them even more creative.





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