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It’s a science of fine-tuning ideas, thoughts and imaginations to practical and realistic levels so that errors are cut, incised, engraved, scratched, slashed and sliced and a final product of a group discussion would results into emergence of new ideas, thoughts and imaginations.

A group discussion is all about the exchange of creative expressions with a condition to suspend any “assumptions” that any members might have and go forward with the realistic views of the crowd or participating members to produce something of a great value. Once assumptions are suspended the only elements left are real, pure, unadulterated, uncontaminated, untainted and clean ideas, thoughts and imaginations – it’s an unyielding ideology generated by a group of people on which the rock-solid, rock-hard and firm foundation that can be built for the social revolution or executing any unique, exceptional and one-of-a-kind creative projects.

The beauty of any group discussions is – every member hold their own unique views on a subject under the discussion. Under the leadership of a facilitator, all members are guided to focus on issues to be resolved. The diverse views are the most powerful essence of the group discussions. Every new views by members compliments skills that other lacks. It’s the power of self correcting mechanism in place directs members to a point of no returns for finding a solutions to problems. Many brains working at the same time become a one single brain and their collective consciousness evolves into unimaginable momentum.

The modernity being enjoyed by the seven billion people on earth is a result of collective collaborations among millions of great philosophers and scientists of the past who were privileged to present their views in order to produce the collective consciousness.

There are two types of members – extroverted and introverted. Extroverted members speak out their ideas and thoughts right away. Introverted members listen carefully for the deep meaning of every word and interpret its deep meaning before they make any comments.

The same is true when members participate in online group discussions. The diverse knowledge, interests and expertise plays very significant role in the final outcome. The understanding among participating members about assertiveness of others is essential. A contribution of every member in sharing his or her opinions is invaluable. Each member must articulate his or her own original ideas, thoughts and imagination to conclude the group discussion. provides tools and technologies to initiate your group discussions online. Think of any subjects and use tools to publish your ideas, thoughts and imagination on any creative topics. You will get the desired answer on





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