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FashionAvenue.com offers the micro-blogging services to all members so that in the shortest time, they can make their messages viral on Internet through their friend circles. 

It is a short burst of inconsequential information sent by users to their friends. The streaming of micro-blogs or tweets with 140 characters only would reach your target audiences' computers or iPhones and iPads, sending quick signals on events happening on their side of the world to the other end of the world at the click of a mouse button.

The beauty lies in short messages of 140 characters or SMS sent from computer terminals or smart phones to millions of people on the Internet with urgent, friendly, informational or social messages. 

The micro-blogging on FashionAvenue.com helps users at home or in schools, colleges, universities, corporations or any any other venue who are attending any events in any part of the world to keep up to date information on what is happening at events in a real time. The reaction is always positive since recipients of messages have little time to get overview of the progress of events in any part of the world.

Micro-blogging services at FashionAvenue.com include all advance features to tweet messages to your friends, relatives, co-workers, fans, CEOs, VCs and recruiters. Let your them know about your current activities; about a party with your family members or friends; your new creative ideas, thoughts, imaginations; festivals in your town, city or country; a trade expo happening in your city; a fashion show in your university or any other events happening where you live - it's easy, quick and inexpensive way to communicate with the mass audiences all around the world.

On FashionAvenue.com, members can use 140 characters per tweet in order to send an SMS to mobile phones anywhere in the world since most tele-communication companies support this standard. Thus, tweets are set to a 140-character limit for compatibility with SMS messaging, introducing the shorthand notation and slang commonly used in SMS messages. 

Send tweets to your target audiences to have the social impacts on issues related to the next social revolutions. It can be used as a "Strategic Weapon" which has an extra-ordinary ability to re-align the social order in real time with little of no warning. Use the most powerful features of tweets and keep your friends informed about events as well as your social activities or interactions with new friends everyday.



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