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L'arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat (The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station) - it's a first motion picture of the world that was only 49 seconds long. It was a movie of a moving train arriving at the railway station. It was produced in 1895 AD. It was a french black and white documentary film produced and directed by Auguste and Louise Lumiere. The audience was so overwhelmed since they thought that it was a real moving train. It was a small group of the audience who were taken a back by the moving image of a life-sized train coming directly at them that people screamed and ran to the back of the room. It was the beginning of the Cinema era. This is how the story of Cinema began.

The cost to watch similar movies during that time used to be 5 cents per show. This short documentary film "L'arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat" opened up a completely new era of an entertainment for the global audiences since 1895 - you can witness its results today.

We are all part of the cinema today - either we watch movies on  small cinema screens, big cinema screens or TV screens or on iPODs, iPADs, iPhones or sometimes we become a part of its production as a producer, director, actor, actress, script writer, lyics writer, music director, lightman or cameraman. In short, a motion picture is interwoven in our everyday life today. We watch it, talk about it, dramatize it and spread a message of love, romance, horror, panic,  or activism to all our friends about the latest movies. The series of still images - we call it the motion picture has brought moving images of the silent films during 1900s, tragic images of the world war II during 1940s, hollywood and bollywood films of 1950s to twenty first century to our living rooms. These moving images have brought us happiness as well as sorrows. It's the only most affordable medium of an entertainment.

The movie is a form of an art. Film's artistic essence lay in its ability to mechanically reproduce reality. The latest motion picture technologies and tools makes it even easier. Thus the motion picture is a source of an inspiration since it reflects cultural values in the most effective way. It is a symbol of the cultural artifacts or a way to preserve the cultural values of the past safely in a box. It's visual and sound effects give us the power to communicate with any desired group of people in the world very effectively. A role of the entire crew - it includes but not limited to a motion picture producer, director, actors, actresses and many others create economic values for all who are involved in making movies. Artistic values in the form of script writing, acting, choreography, music, visual or special effects add economic values to the picturization of the subject under consideration.

FashionAvenue.com provides tools and technologies to you to evaluate the latest as well as old films that you like the most. Write reviews on the latest movies and overwhelm readers with your critic style. Your target audiences want to hear your opinions about the latest movies and about those involved in making motion pictures. 

Also write reviews on the latest play that you have seen lately at broadway theaters in New York City or any other theaters in your town or city.

You can also write reviews on any festivals in your country, city or town and make an announcements about these festivals. People living on the other side of the world would like to know what is happening in your country, city, town or even in your schools or colleges or universities. Write reviews on films, festivals and events today!

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