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Travels, Hotels and Foods together would lead you to leisure or recreation – a must required change for busy creative professionals of the world. In order to get fresh, creative, innovative and ground-breaking insights into your extra-ordinary creative work irrespective of your profession and bring a clarity to executing your work or create a new vision for future projects - you need a break or a vacation.

You got to leave for a land of tranquility where you can play with the rhythm of nature and see things as they are. In order to hear the inner voice, the isolation and detachment from your everyday place and people is essential. The reason is - your brain is processing a very large number of thoughts everyday. They switch from past to future and future to past like a flip-flop switch. Most of the thoughts are not wanted for your current creative projects. They are distractions for your true ability to create. How can you burn them? Isolation and quieting of your mind is the only solution.

Your unwanted thoughts make you uncomfortable while focusing on the most important task on hands. You need fresh insights on your ideas, thoughts, judgments and wild imaginations to become more creative. In short, unless you create the right context for your next creative project, you would not be able to promise or make commitments to offer best of the best. Please note that your fresh insights are directly connected to your detachment to unwanted thoughts. Unless you get detached from your everyday routine or place and people you interact with, you will not be inspired to take creative decisions. You will not be able to see the black as black and the white as white.

You will be enlightened as soon as you see things as they are. In the history of mankind, great philosophers were inspired to write their philosophies of life in the isolation. Take an example of Buddha - he was enlightened only after he got detached from the most essential needs of his life. 

Traveling to new locations would bring new insights, thoughts, ideas and vision – it’s fresh, sparkling and rejuvenating experience. Go on a trip away from your home for few days and experience completely a new environment – you will be exposed to new places, new people, new foods, new ideas and new thoughts. Once at new destinations, you will be detached from all your daily routine, uninteresting, lackluster, unexciting and mind-numbing thoughts which are repetitious, boring and insignificant to creating new thought patterns. 

You always need fresh ideas, thoughts and imaginations to renew your life. Going on a trip away from home with your family members or closest friends or entirely different group of people would break the chain of old boring thoughts. It would cut, incise, slash, scratch, slice and sever all boring thoughts.
New environment would bring you fresh ideas - unique in its forms, shapes and colors.

You would look into your own true inner self and which in turn would help you to introspect your own being.  The context would help you to access the infinite inner creative force and power that has infinite energy. In isolations, you will renew your resolution.

Travel to new destinations and write about your trip experiences on FashionAvenue.com. Also write about the hotels you live while traveling and its interior designs. Write about famous restaurants and delicious foods they serve.  Your reviews on trip to a new locations, hotels, resorts, foods and wine would bring new insights to other creative members.

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