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Write Shopping, Bargain & Sale Reviews

What is shopping? The shopping is a result of an impulse of the buyer to satisfy his or her needs by exchanging money for the merchandise. It speaks about a shopper and his or her character, personality and status.

A shoppers’ character speaks about their needs, wants, urgency, purpose, offers, bargains and quality. A shoppers’ personality speaks about his or her choice of brands, trends, stores, sellers, commercials and selections. A shoppers’ status speaks about funds, how much to spend and where to spend. Thus the shopping sets emotions into motion and impulse catch a moment of closing the deal when connections between sellers and buyer establishes.

A shopping is  the ancient trade where traders used to barter in exchange of something valuable. This is how the entire world survived for thousands of years. Shopping is the passion for many – especially women who are in incessant search of sale, bargains and deals.

How does your shopping emotions work? How do sellers tap your emotions? What makes you to buy and spend money? When you were born, the most active part of your body was mirror-neurons. It helped you to learn almost everything that you know today from your character, personality to your everyday behavior – you were bestowed it when you were only three years old. It stays your entire life. Your shopping habits are a reflection of others’ behavior in your life – it includes your friends, relatives, classmates and commercials and last but not least the “striking point of your emotions” detected by sellers to strike at your emotions at the right time. In most cases, your mirror-neurons play very significant role in your final decisions to make the purchase.

You want to purchase that your friends buy. You want to purchase more expensive merchandise that your friends buy. You want to purchase when you are swayed away by a TV commercial messages – a message on your favorite celebrity owns and endorse the designs makes you to purchase that same for you too. Its all mirror actions of your behavior makes you to empty your pockets quicker than you can even imagine.

A Journal Of Consumer Research finds that contentment makes consumers seek familiar places to "savor and integrate" their pleasant emotions.

FashionAvenue.com wants to express your emotions on the shopping – what you purchased, why you purchased, from you purchased, most seducing designs or gift items, best bargains and sale by hundreds of online and brick and mortar stores.

Your feedback on the shopping information would help millions of readers to take their shopping decisions. Write your reviews on your latest shopping experiences and help members to buy the best brands or merchandise at the most bargain price.

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