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What is a design? It’s an art of finding a solution out of chaos. It acts as an ambassador of who you truly are. An original work of art is always incomplete if it is the best creation since working on it is a continuous and incessant process of creativity by a designer.

It’s a designer’s obsession for the creation. A genuine creation is a result of designer’s failure to end creating beyond his or her imagination. It produces an order. An original work of art in its simplest form with few colors is more rejuvenating. It’s dynamic and therefore takes many forms, shapes and colors. It’s created for communicating a deep message. Change its shapes and it would reflect uniquely different message. Change its forms and it would reflect uniquely different impressions. Change its colors and it would reflect unqiuely different emotions. Collectively, it reflects voice of its creator who creates it. A unique, inimitable, exceptional creation is inspiring, dynamic, vibrant, forceful, energetic and full of life.

Insanity of its creator brings life to a unique object. Any original work is a result of dialogues between a designer and his or her core-consciousness. It’s voice of a creator from their within. Such orginal work of art connects with the rhythm of the nature. It integrates the races, religions, nations and citizens.

A true art is a reflection of a human's ingenuity. It spreads sense of the love. Artistic imagination expresses its own universal language. A vibrant imagination is a reflection of human's ingenuity, ideas and thoughts. It’s a reflection of designer’s creative imagination. It sets no limit to its creation - it's constantly changing; it's dynamic, it's in motion; it's power is infinite; it's language is universal; it's energy is vibrant; it's seamless; it's thought provoking; it's musical; it's theatrical;  it's a result of human's infinite capacity to create unimagined objects out of nothing. It has different connotations in different fields. It unifies everyone. It's connected with aesthetics; It's connected with human emotions; It’s connected with the mordenity; It's connected with love; It's connected with the passion: It’s connected with the vibrancy;  It's connected with a human's creative and imgainative skills>

Write reviews on any designs that you find the best  - a human created objects or nature created objects. Inspired members on FashionAvenue.com want to see more original and pure artistic work and be exposed to unimagined creations. They want to be a part of iots its creation and process from inside or outside. They want to know how it is created and who created it.

Write on designs - gadget, fashion, accessory, graphics, architectural, interiors, gift, Landscape - write about original work of art that pleases your target audiences. Trigger their creative imaginations by latest art. Upload beautiful original work of art of your latest creations and write on what inspired you to create it. It's your work of art! It's your creation! It's your imagination! Let the whole world know about your extra-ordinary creative imaginative skills!

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