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Your resume is your career script written by you for your target audiences such as new friends, entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs and Recruiters. 
Its a primary means of communicating your professional competency to creative corporations, organizations or institutions - your dream places to work. It portrays your characters and personality. It portrays your competency in subjects of your special interests. It portrays your professional skills. It portrays your education and mentors who thought you art of living. It's portrays your power over a subject that only you possess. It portrays your creative skills, intellectual skills as well as social skills that is required to fight the challenges of the real life. It's a summary of what you have accomplished in your life and what are your aspirations. Your resume makes you to think and reach beyond what you can do and achieve. It incoporates just a fraction of your true capacity to do something in your life. 
Every word used in writing your resume is divine since it's true and pure in its form. Your creativity blossoms with the content in the resume that reflects on who you are and what you can do. It connects a bridge of ideas and thoughts between you and your destiny. It leads you to unknown fields where you can explore and experiment with new people, tools and technologies. It's a "70 mm screen" which recruiters can see their fortune of getting one more best employee for their organizations. It draws attention of Entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs and executives of profit and non-profit organizations. 
Your resume on FashionAvenue.com would be your marketing tools to attract buyers of your creative and professional talents. You have an opportunity to negotiate with those who want to rent your talents. Let your prospects or recruiters to find you using keywords or you find your prospects on FashionAvenue.com - where the possibilities are limitless!

Your resume would help you to...

  • Connect you with small businesses to big corporations
  • Connect you with innovative and inspired entreprenerurs...
  • Find new prospects for the latest tools and technologies...
  • Find new opportunities in your respective fields...
  • Voice your point of view to attract creative professionals...
  • Reflect 'who you are' in the area of your expertise...
  • Connect you with your dream recruiters




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