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Your career profile on FashionAvenue.com reflects your education, aspirations and interests in diverse creative subjects that you have nurtured for many years to come. It portrays your personality and character that you have built after so much hardwork.

Your education begins as soon as you are born - it's mirror-neurons that help you to imitate the best of the world. Basic elements of your personality and characters take roots in your life when you are just three years old based on the latest scientific researches. The foundation of your emotions such as happiness, eagerness, curiosity, anger, patience etc. is established by the time you are just four years old. Your engagement with parents and teachers add the knowledge and wisdom to your characters and personality. 

As soon as you turn just ten, you get almost everything you need to shape your personality and characters. The education plays extremely important role to refine all your skills - creative skills, intellectual skills and social skills. You need these skills to survive in this dynamic world where everything is changing every moment. Who you are depends on how stable you are in turbulent waters of the life - where your education, aspiration, interests and your determination decides your stability.

Your new creative friends, entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs, Recruiters and all others who would like to connect with you want to know "who you are" in the real world. They are looking for someone with high aspirations and extra-ordinary achievements. You have an opprotunity to present your career profile here on FashionAvenue.com.

Write about...

  • Creative skills, intellectual skills and social skills
  • Aspirations, hobbies and special interests
  • Schools, colleges and universities where you studied
  • Current employer
  • Current business
  • Educational skills or Professional skills
  • Communities you love the most
  • New friends, entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs and Recruiters
  • Creative skills for your new friends
  • Your profile for corporations, institutions or organizations
  • New opportunities and search the unknown fields




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