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Write Your Philosophical Statement

It's your philosophical statement - a most powerful expression written by you on "The Purpose of Life" and deep meaning of the "Happiness."

It's an expression about how you have lived your life till today, and how you are living your life now. It's an expression about your philosophy on living your creative and vibrant life. It's an expression about your vision and imaginations. It's an expression about your ideas and thoughts. It's an expression about how you connect with others everyday. It's your voice about what you accept and what you reject while choosing. It's a statement about how you measure your life. It's your voice about your aspirations and achievements. It's a statement about the voice from deep within - a source of instincts to learn more about 'Who you are' and 'Why you are born on earth.' It's a source from where you get an inspiration everyday and access the creative energy for accomplishing your goals.

We want you to write a powerful philosophical statement that would inspire not only your friends but also entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs, Recruiters and millions of other individuals who are looking for an inspiration from you.

Write a statement...

  • An inspirational to creative members
  • Helps others to measure life
  • Demonstrates your ability to challenge
  • Displays your ability to create
  • Sets examples in other people's lives
  • Shows the confidence in your endeveavours
  • An expression of your creativity




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