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What are the membership benefits?

You can find the most inpired, inventive and resourceful members on FashionAvenue.com - they are creative, innovative, genius and vibrant in  their endeavours every step of the way.

Members are always looking for an opportuntiy either to share their innovations and original work or help other members to promote their special talents. Inspired members on FashionAvenue.com are truly innovative since they know how to tap the power of their infinite creative skills and intelligence using the tools such as "Attention" and "Intention" to achieve and accomplish their goals. These are the members who know their own capacity and possess abilities to measure and judge special talents of other members on our Website.

They are open to new original ideas and thoughts and have no fear to experiment with new creative projects. They explore and exploit all infinite possibilities beyond their capacity to invent or discover new ideas and thoughts through their creative imaginative skills. They accept and embrace all members as they are and particiapte with them for resourceful discussions without any descriminations. They use the power of their infinite force, energy and inspiration that they access from a vast energy field of the universe.

What are the membership benefits?

  • Use the Creative Socializing - 
  • Focus on the purpose driven and direction driven socializing
  • Upload your favorite photos
  • Present your creative profile, projects and resume
  • Write blogs, take interviews and write reviews on diverse subjects
  • Connect with new friends, CEOs, VCs, Recruiters and more
  • Harness the power of your infinite creative force and energy
  • Explore and experiment with infinite possibilities for your career




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