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How to connect with Recruiters?

There are two social groups on - the first group consists of individual members and second group consists of businesses, corporations, non profit organizations and recruiters. You have an opportunity to demonstrate your creative skills and talents to the recruiters from different industry sectors.

The recruiter may be from either of the groups - they may be individual members with small projects looking for you. They from small businesses to big corporations who are looking for you for their current projects. You will find details about small businesses or corporations on Recruiters are also looking for creative talents from diverse fields. You have an opportunity to be chosen by them if you have uploaded powerful and impressive blogs, interviews and projects.

Recruiters are provided with advance tools to search and find members with very specific requirements. Recruiters would review your blogs, reviews, interviews, profiles, projects and resume before contacting you. You are also free to directly connect with them depending upon your requirements. The final decision of choosing or rejecting you is at the discretion of these well trained teams of professional recruiters.

How to connect with Recruiters?

  • Upload photos that reflects your creativity
  • Write blogs on your favorite topics
  • Take your own interviews with the help of your friends
  • Write reviews on your favorite topics
  • Upload your personal profile,
  • Upload your latest creative, shopping and social projects
  • Upload your resume if you registered as an individual
  • Upload your original work of art, designs, projects, etc.
  • Let recruiters review the content that you have uploaded
  • Recruiters will directly contact you using message tools
  • You are also free to contact recruiters directly




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