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How to make new friends?

As a creative member on, your have an opportunity to make first degree to third degree friendship with members of the different communities.

The first degree friends are the closest friends whom you know personally. Second degree friends are those who are your friends' friends. You also have an opportunity to make third degree friends who would be your friends' friends' friends.

You will have an opportunity to review your new friends' blogs, interviews, reviews, profiles, projects and more before making friendship. Make friendships with only those friends who care for you, share their objectives with you and help you to achieve your goals. Avoid making friendships with many friends to show the world that you have many friends without any objective. Your choice of friends in your friends' list would help you to connect with even more powerful and impressive friends.

How to make new friends?

  • Find the CONNECT button just below every member's photo
  • Click on this button and go to a next page
  • Write a message why you would like to become a friend
  • Wait for a response from your new friend
  • He or she may accept or reject your friendship request


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