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Who can become a member?

Everyone is welcome to become a member on FashionAvenue.com.

We accept all and embrace all on our beautiful and vibrant Website for the creative socializing with other members of the community. Each new member should have their mission objective while joining FashionAvenue.com. It would help new members to socialize with other inspired members with a purpose and direction. We believe that every individual possesses an extra-ordinary creative talents. Either it is not recongised or no discovered unitl today.

FashionAvenue.com is the most powerful platform for everyone to demonstrate and display their hidden potentials. New members joining this vibrant website must have ability to write blogs, reviews; take their own interviews; upload their profiles, projects and resumes; upload their own copyrighted photos, videos and audios. New members must be able to share quality content with other members to promote each others' objectives.

Who can become a member?

Individuals with

  • A clear mission objective...
  • An ability to honor and respect all...
  • An ability to accept and embrace all as they are...
  • An ability to share their creativity with others...
  • An ability to learn from others...
  • Individuals who possess high ethical standards...




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