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How to use My Account?

You will find unique features in your 'My Account' section that would connect you with your new friends and help you to promote your creativity to new friends.

Easy to use friendly tools will help you to learn about over 50 different features and make the best use of each feature, bringing you closer to friends that you were looking for to promote your talents. 

Advance Features in My Account would not only help you to connect you with new friends but also connect you with innovative corporations that are looking for creative talents like yours. You may find an opportunity to work for them or you may undertake projects as freelancers. You would be able to present your latest projects, resumes and connect with appropriate inspired groups by using unique features in My Account.

How to use My Account? 

Sign in and you will see three sections in the 'My Account' page.
Use them to promote your creative skills...

  • Personal/Business Information: It will help you to upload your personal or business information.

  • Edit Information: Write blogs, take interviews, upload projects, write reviews, upload resumes and photos, videos, audios, etc.

  • Friends' Information: Access information on your new friends, manage friends and connect and collaborate with new friends, fans and recruiters.




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